Web Service

Professional Web Design

We believe in working with our clients by listening to what they need and to help create a website that best suites their business persona. The look and feel and user experience of a website is one of the most important elements. Our experience and knowledge will ensure that your website is exactly what you envision it to be.


Gather Info

The first step into a successful website is to know about your business and what you would like to achieve. We like to communicate with our clients the effect and feel they would like to create for their clients. We discuss what all the attributes of the website, e.g. will it include e-commerce, colour, layout, images, font, etc. Once we have gathered the information we need we then go onto the next step.

We take what information we have and then design a test unit. We usually do 2 test units, so that our clients can get the best results. We then work with the client on any changes, e.g, colour, more sections, that need to be made and from their we can then fill in and proceed to the actual website.


Once our client is happy with the test unit we will then proceed the actual website and fill in the necessary areas that will make the website unique to your company. Once we are finished we send the link to the client to decide if their are any more changes. Once you are happy we then will go live with your website.

Delivery and hosting

Once your website is live we can then host your website for a small monthly fee.


Web Hosting

Web hosting is a necessity for any website — it is the physical location of your website on the Internet, an online storage center that houses the information, images, video, and other content that comprises your website. Plex Solutions hosting will maintain the server where the data associated with your website resides, and also manage the technology that makes your website connect to the Internet.

  • Hosting Packages

Starter Package

The starter package is perfect for someone who wants a small website with minimal pages.


Standard Package

Our most popular package is very popular, as it covers most small businesses needs.


Advanced package

This is a great package for someone who would like to expand on their existing business and also if they want to run.