Get the latest restaurant Point of Sale technology!

Restaurant owners can use Point of Sale technology to increase their sales and productivity as well as getting a competitive advantage.

PoS 02 July, 2020 30

COVID-19 outbreak – how can Pilot help you?

And we’re back! Sit-down trade is to resume from today, 29th June, and with continued lobbying, we can expect on-consumption liquor sales to follow soon……

Covid 1 July, 2020 40

Keep a healthy restaurant during the flu season

Theres always a risk of transmitting colds and flu when you have a group of people together. How to keep a healthy restaurant in the flu season.

Healthy 09 June, 2020 100

Your reliable partner throughout the pandemic

Our actions during the pandemic are a reflection of our ethos.

Partner 2 June, 2020 80

Join the cashless trend with Pilot Point of Sale

Pilot Software makes paying for goods more convenient than ever.

Cashless 19 May, 2020 110

The impressive new capabilities of our Point of Sale software

Our Point of Sale software has evolved with features that give the restaurant owner...

Impressive 12 May,2020 97

CFO checklist for Point of Sale solutions

Every CFO should ask these questions before committing to a new PoS solution.

CFO checklist 05 May, 2020 116

Get the advantage with restaurant Point of Sale

Point of Sale software solutions aid technology-centric businesses to stay ahead.

Advantage 29 April, 2020 209

Point of Sale hardware makes restaurant management easy

Restaurant owners must ensure that their Point of Sale hardware meets the demands

PoS hardware 14 April, 2020 268